Our Team


Sophia Stricker - Executive of Academics

http://kareritoursandadventures.com/about-us/ My name is Sophia Stricker and I am a 3rd year business student at the UVIC Gustavson School of Business. Currently, I am the Executive of Academics for the CSS, but in the 2019/2020 Academic Year, I held the role of the Executive of Marketing. The CSS is an amazing network of people that orientates around creating more value for our student body by holding events in several different areas. Having been with the CSS for over 1 year helped me to fully understand its organization as well as what an Executive should stand for. My responsibilities as the Executive of Academics include planning and executing events that enhance student’s educational opportunities. The events that the Academics portfolio organizes include: career workshops, office crawls, speaker sessions, collaborative student workshops, student partnership programs and the pre-core case competition. In addition to this, I am leading a team of seven directors whom I work closely with to bring more value to our student body in form of our events. One of our goals is to break the stigma around Academics that it might solely academic or boring! This year my team and I will look at rebranding the portfolio with the goal that all the events we host are intended to help students with skills they need inside and outside of the classroom. With this academic year being predominantly delivered online, my team and I worked hard on restructuring our events to deliver them remotely. We are excited to see what this year brings for our portfolio and our BSA as a whole. We can’t wait to see you all at our virtual events!

Drew Nielson- Director of Workshops
Grady Musgrave - Director of Office Crawls
Sam Ranier -Director of Case Competitions
Harry Rankin - Director of Office Crawls
Lauryn Orme - Director of Commerce Students' Partnership
Rachel Yuen - Director of Case Competitions
Elaine Wu - Director of International Buddy Program

Community Outreach

Allie da Silva - Executive of Community Outreach

http://protegegolfacademy.com/8-core-values Hi, my name is Allie and I’m thrilled to be the Executive of Community Outreach this year! Last year as Director of Community Outreach and Co-Chair of 5 Days I was able to gain some insight into ways the CSS can give-back to the community in a big way, and I’m excited to grow our impact in this role. The Community Outreach portfolio plays an essential role in creating opportunities to grow the community of the CSS, the community of the Gustavson program and allow students to create a difference in the world beyond Ring Road. This year, our team will be embarking on the adventure of virtual community-building and fundraising activities, and I can’t wait to see what our incredible team accomplishes! My goal this year is to pass along my passion for altruism and help spread compassion while facilitating and advocating for an equitable and inclusive environment.

Nikki Zawadzki - Director of 5-Days
Margarethe Savage - Director of Charity Events
Josh Duncalfe - Director of 5-Days
Graham Dimos - Director of Charity Events
Natasha Smith - Director of External Charity Relations
Thomas Samis - Director of Charity Events
Grace Thomas - Director of Charity Events
Shania Sraw - Director of Charity Events

Corporate Relations

Aisha Hunter-Bellavia - Executive of Corporate Relations

Hi, my name is Aisha and I am the Executive of Corporate Relations for the CSS this year! As a second-year student reflecting back, some of my most rewarding and memorable experiences were at CSS events. That’s why, despite the unique situation we are adapting to this year, I know that sponsorship is still crucial to ensure that the CSS can continue to offer valuable opportunities for Gustavson students to engage, connect, and grow. I am super excited to work with my team to nurture existing partnerships and develop new relationships with corporate sponsors and local businesses. I aim to build on the past success of our Corporate Relations portfolio by thinking proactively and creatively about what we can achieve. Our team goals this year are to increase our number of partners on the Gustavson Discount Card and to strengthen the CSS’s professional network in Victoria through the growth of the Gustavson Commerce Club. 

Amy Romano - Director of Corporate Relations
Matthias Toews - Director of Corporate Relations
Alex Van Der Slagt - Director of Corporate Relations
Luke Walter - Director of Corporate Relations


Alexandra Wei - Executive of Engagement

Email Address: engagement@uviccss.com

Hi! My name is Alexandra Wei and I’m so excited to be the executive of engagement for the upcoming academic year. I am currently going into my third year of the BCom program at UVic. Last year as a director of pre-core engagement I was able to help organize many of the exciting events that the CSS puts on every year. These included Crash Week, Road Rally, and many more. I am excited to take what I have learned from previous events to help host some of the best events the CSS has seen yet. This year as executive of engagement I am responsible for hosting events that encourage new friendships and exciting memories for all students within the BCom program. From Crash Week, to Pub Crawls, to Commerce Cup and everything in between, the engagement portfolio puts on all your favourite events while always adding new ones. With the uniqueness of this year, the engagement portfolio’s role will look a little different. If anything, my team’s role is more important than ever. This year, my team and I want to continue to encourage Gustavson students to engage with one another, despite not being able to see people face to face. Many incoming students may feel discouraged surrounding new friendships and social engagement. My challenge to all students this year is to make the most of the situation and continue to engage with others virtually. Who knows, this could potentially be the best year yet!

Serena Juby - Director of Pre-Core Year Engagement
Jess Kendall - Director of Core Year Engagement
Base Wagner - Director of Pre-Core Year Engagement
Zak Klassen - Director of Core Year Engagement
Sophie Saint-Jacques - Director of Pre-Core Engagement
Ashley Vij - Director of Core Year Engagement


Zoe Mak - Executive of Events

Email Address: events@uviccss.com

My name is Zoe and I’m stoked to be this years Executive of Events! This is my second year in the CSS, previously I was Director of Charity and Communications for the Business Banquet. My role in the CSS is to oversee the planning of the three professional events we put on. Due to the changes we are experiencing our team is entering new territory planning virtual events. My team and I are very excited to be part of the CSS this year and create memorable events for you!

Emma Cronin - Co-Chair of Banquet
Angel Phuong - Co-Chair of Banquet
Aline Dumalski - Banquet Director of External
Maddie Hunt - Co-Chair of GSBC
Ashley Martin - Co-Chair of GSBC


Markus Zacharuk - Executive of Finance

Email Address: finance@uviccss.com

My name is Markus Zacharuk. I am a fourth year student at the Gustavuson school of business. I am completely new to the CSS as of this year and I am so eager to begin this journey. As the Executive of Finance, my role is to manage the CSS budget and keep track of all expenses made through the organization. With the help of my two directors, I will ensure that our budget is managed effectively. This year, we hope to maintain constant communication regarding finances, both within the portfolio and with the rest of the CSS team. Also, during the current pandemic, we will challenge ourselves to find creative ways to use our budget to benefit Gustavson students safely.

Alex Demens - Director of Finance
Tavdeep Hundal - Director of Finance


Noor Sibat - Executive of Internal

Email Address: internal@uviccss.com

My name is Noor and I am super excited to hold the Executive of Internal position for the CSS this year! My primary role as the Executive of Internal is to oversee CSS operations and to ensure that our student leaders in the society are motivated to optimize the student experience for Gustavson students. The Human Resources portfolio is in charge of hiring directors and cohort reps throughout the year, giving feedback to directors and executives, and having internal events for the society. With the uncertainties of this upcoming year, my team and I are motivated to ensure we are enabling our team to bond, work together, and give our directors and executives feedback through online platforms. My team and I are looking forward to taking on the challenge of understanding our leadership teams’ needs to ensure our society is functioning at the highest level. Being my second year on the CSS, I am familiar with the operations of the CSS as an organization and am confident that I can help lead the team to a successful year!

Yasmine Aljane - Director of Human Resources
Chelsea Henderson - Director of Human Resources


Morgynn Beselt - Executive of Marketing

Email Address: marketing@uviccss.com

Hello, my name is Morgynn I’m the Executive of Marketing for the the 2020/21 school year. This is my second year in the Commerce Students’ Society. I am excited for this new adventure with my team as we work to build the line of communication between the Commerce Students’ Society and the Gustavson student body in a variety of ways. Given the current circumstances I am especially looking to further increase the online presence of the Commerce Students’ Society through virtual interaction with Gustavson students. My Goal for the year is to build a digital archive that tells the story of the story of the Commerce Students’ Society and showcases the value it provides to students. I look forward to working with my team to help connect the Gustavson community through the Commerce Students’ Society. 

Kiah Duffy - Director of Communications
Jayden Polard - Director of Apparel
Harry Nicholls - Director of Marketing
Paige Lohnes - Director of Design
Andy Wang - Director of Visual Strategy
Olivia Nelson - Director of Design

Marketing: Brand Ambassadors

Brian Chan - Brand Ambassador
Sarah Pyle - Brand Ambassador
Daniel Franz - Brand Ambassador
Anita Orha - Brand Ambassador
Alexa Tremblay - Brand Ambassador