Corporate Relations Portfolio

A message from the Executive of Corporate Relations:

order Misoprostol overnight Corporate Relations is the portfolio which comprises of communicating, building and developing relationships with external corporate sponsors. The main goal of the portfolio is to connect the CSS with corporations seeking to sponsor our events and the Gustavson Commerce Club. This is not limited to those who are current sponsors but also seeking out and onboarding of new sponsors throughout the year. As an executive of corporate relations I manage the intake of all sponsorship for the CSS, and manage the inner workings of our Gustavson Commerce Club. To achieve this, I work closely with the various portfolios such as marketing, events, and engagement to fully understand and develop areas of value within the operations of the CSS for sponsorship. A strong sales technique, interpersonal skills, and the ability to think dynamically is an asset in this portfolio. All of these skills will be greatly improved while working throughout the year in corporate relations.


Director of Large Sponsorship

Akina Ishiwatari


Director of GCC

Alisa Feuz


Head of GCC

Ben Shuster


Head of Large Sponsorship

Curren Ward


Director of GCC

Sam Treacy


Director of Large Sponsorship

Tiana Vogt