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A message from the Executive of Events:

My name is Sarika and I am the Executive of Events for the Commerce Student Society. I am a 3rd year student who will be leading a team of 16 to 18 directors for the 2019/2020 year. I am responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating the Graduation Gala, the Greater Victoria Business Banquet, the Gustavson Commerce Club Appreciation Dinner and the Gustavson School of Business Conference. The Executive of Events is responsible for connecting with business community members, faculty and students to organize and host the best possible events for students. I have had an interest in event planning from a young age as I enjoy the organizational, responsibility and leadership aspects that comes with the task. I am excited to work alongside my executive team and directors this year to bring forward new and innovative ideas to make these events even more memorable for students.

Executive of Events

address Sarika Kumar

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Business Banquet Chair

ritonavir 100 mg price Brooke Visscher


Business Banquet Director of Charity

Zoe Mak


Business Banquet Director of External

Noorinder Sibat


GSBC Co-Chair

Ariel McGrogan


GSBC Co-Chair

Marissa Louie