Finance Portfolio

A message from the Executive of Finance:

The main job of the Executive of Finance is to formulate the CSS budget and manage the finances for the CSS throughout the year. My goals for this year are to implement an accounting software, streamline payments and host an informational event to further educate Gustavson students on the world of Finance. I am excited to have taken on a director this year, Michelle Lamer, to assist in keeping all portfolios on track with their budgets. As this year’s Executive of Finance, I will be able to further explore my passion for finance that I developed through my job as a bank teller. One of my favourite parts of being a bank teller was using my expertise to educate people on their
finances. I never would have thought Finance would be an interest of mine unless I had applied to be a bank teller. Gustavson isn’t a finance focused school so there may be many people that haven’t had the exposure to the industry yet, specifically in their pre-core years. This year I am excited to attempt to bridge that gap while efficiently organizing the finances across the CSS.

Director of Finance

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