anonymous Run by students, for students! 

For the Commerce Students’ Society, our drive is from the commitment made to creating the best student experience with the University of Victoria.

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como elegir el sexo del bebe The University of Victoria’s Commerce Student Society is run by a dedicated group of students that are devoted to providing value to the journey of all students at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. The goal is to kick-start connections between students and business professionals. Through various activities and events we strive to reinvent traditional education so students can get the most out of their education, but academically and socially

look at here Founded in 1992, The Commerce Students’ Society (CSS) at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business is an independent, student run organization dedicated to creating unique opportunities for its members as well as the local business community.

As representatives of over 800 domestic and international business students, we help students to develop and utilize their leadership skills in an economic, environmental and social capacity

Meet our President: Sarika Kumar

The main goal of the CSS is to enrich and enhance your university experience through various programs, initiatives, and events. Every year our organization works to improve and provide our students with the best possible opportunities. This year I aim to guide and push all of our portfolios to explore new initiatives and try new opportunities. I am thrilled to see the results the team has already accomplished in being creative within their portfolios and capitalizing on areas of growth. In the upcoming year, you can look forward to numerous events, a new twist on our legacy events, and new initiatives!

I am looking forward to working alongside such a passionate and ambitious group of leaders. Their commitment and dedication to this society has already brought the organization to a new level and I am confident it will be felt for years to come. I am excited to see the CSS grow and innovate throughout the year. With a virtual year ahead of us, I am excited to see what our talented team will come up with to better engage members of the Gustavson Community!

Our Mission:

The CSS strives to provide opportunities of the Leaders of tomorrow while cultivating the personal, professional and academic success of students at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria

Our Values:

We are committed to inclusion and accommodation, we have passion and are positive in everything we do. The CSS group embody’s fun, friendliness and care.

We align the values of students with those of the Gustavson School of Business. We have a commitment to always being open and honest and keep our promises.