Simon Litt, President

Simon is a 4th-year student from Calgary, BC pursuing a dual specialization in Entrepreneurship and Service Management, as he is interested in studying best practice for both starting companies and continued operations. He manages the team on a high level, ensuring every team member feels supported and challenged in their roles. Additionally, Simon maintains relationships with our stakeholders, including the faculty of business, the university, our national peers, and most importantly, our students.


Clio Hofler, VP Events

Clio is a 3rd year student who will be leading a team of 16-18 students for the 2018/19 year. Clio’s role is unique as it focuses on three large events that incorporate business students from 1st to 4th year. The VP of Events is responsible for connecting with business community members, faculty and students to create and execute the best possible events for students. Clio has taken an interest in event planning and management because of the organization, leadership and responsibility that is required. She is excited to be part of the executive council and face the challenging, yet promising year ahead.

Jazz Chodak, Vp External Relations



Ravien Sidhu, VP Community Outreach

Ravien is a a 4th year Commerce student currently non-specialized. With a deep desire to become a corporate lawyer, she will be pursuing law school after graduation. Becoming a law lawyer and being the VP of community outreach are both interrelated in a way. Providing those who are less fortunate with what they need, volunteering, helping the greater good, and most importantly making the community a better place is what Ravien looks to do when she is a lawyer, and now when she is the VP. Community outreach is a portfolio that goes beyond helping others, it allows BCom students to make the community a better place, and to expand their knowledge in local issues that need to be addressed. Ravien will look to increase Gustavson business students involvement. This will be a fulfilling and lifelong learning experience.

Katharine Lazar, VP Academics

Katharine Lazar is a 3rd year and the Vice President of Academics. The academic portfolio is a way to connect students with each other and those in their business community, through various events and educational opportunities. In the academic portfolio there are six other students, ranging from first to fourth years, who are all committed to their academic community. Katharine is excited to lead this portfolio as she feels the Commerce Students' Society is a unique opportunity to contribute to her school environment, and better the education and school experience of her peers.


Andres Agresot


Logan Youngberg, VP Human Resources

Logan, the Vice President of Human Resources, is an import to BC who calls the Wild Rose Country home. He is entering his third of year of the Commerce program and is hoping to go into public policy after graduation. The Human Resources portfolio is operating with two this year and will be looking to improve the internal policy and structure of the CSS. Logan took interest in this position after his previous year as a director of Pre-Core Engagement and he noticed a couple processes that could be altered to improve the student experience.


Caitlyn Santos, VP Engagement

Caitlyn is a fast-talking, waffle-eating, list-making, beach-walking, adventure-loving third year student who is beyond excited to be the Vice President of Engagement for the UVic Commerce Students’ Society. Working with her team of nine talented directors, Caitlyn plans social events and opportunities for the Gustavson business students to engage with their peers and hopefully, to create friendships and memories that’ll last long after their BCom degree is framed and hung on the wall. The Engagement Portfolio is creative; it allows the team to explore, and pursue their crazy, out-of-the-box ideas. What Caitlyn loves most about this job is the process of it all. What starts out as a casual idea discussed over half-filled cups of coffee in a basement office turns into a highly anticipated night that hundreds of people attend and enjoy (after hours of meetings, collaborative problem solving, and logistical planning, of course!). She feels fortunate and truly humbled to be part of the tight-knit team that is the CSS.

Nolan MacNichol, VP Finance

Nolan is a third year BCom student, and the VP of Finance, who is determined to implement a hardline austerity policy. Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Nolan’s blood flows viscous and black. Nolan is a world traveler, having visited the Montney Deep Basin, Montney Shallow Basin, Fort McMurray and the Oil Sands. Nolan loves nothing more than taking his socks off and running them through the sand, oil sand that is. On the flip side, he despises nothing more than the Communist carbon tax and NEB. As the VP of Finance, Nolan’s goals include implementing a simple to use and understand financial system, and create a bank reconciliation that actually reconciles to the bank. His end objective is to create a transparent system that assures students their money is being effectively spent.