GCC Newsletter – June 2019

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- A Message from our President - 

Every year when the leadership team goes through its transitional phase and the keys are handed over to a new team, an opportunity arises. The opportunity is the ability to analyze who we are as a society, organization, and community member.

I am thrilled to see the results our team has put into seizing this opportunity and capitalizing on all the areas we can grow - we are expecting to have one of the most transformative years the CSS has experienced. I aim to push each portfolio above and beyond our normal operations to create more opportunities for all stakeholders on both a micro and macro level. 

Looking forward, you can expect to see our flagship events executed in a new light; an overhaul of both our academics and community outreach portfolios with the focus of creating impactful professional and personal development; and an incredibly dedicated corporate relations team who are looking to bring new our sponsor’s value to new heights. 

None of these goals would be possible without the fantastic group of leaders I am working alongside with; their efforts and relentless ambition have already changed the trajectory of the organization, and I am confident it will continue to be felt for years to come.

I am incredibly excited to see what is in store for this year and making our community at Gustavson stronger together.

- New Student Housing Cancelled in Favour of Hotel -

A proposed 59-unit student housing complex has been rejected and has been replaced with plans for a hotel owned by the University of Victoria. The proposed student housing would have been available for rent to graduate students at a market price. A determining factor in not moving forward with housing was that the original plans did not meet city requirements. With the plans made for a hotel, all profit made from the project will be generated back into the school for future housing projects.

- Burton Sustainability Environmental Stewardship Corner -

Snowboard and clothing company Burton created an ambitious set of sustainability and social wellness goals for itself to reach by the year 2020 back in 2017. A recent sustainability report and inquiry by Mountain Life Magazine shows that they are well on track to reaching their goals in most areas. For example, they have reached 59% diversion of waste to landfill, aiming to reach 75% by 2020, and an 81% Fair Labour Association compliance in their factories with a goal of 100%. Similar positive progress is being made on most objectives. Unfortunately, some areas still need to see significant improvement in the next year with arrows missing their targets by some fairly wide margins. Take their goal of a 20% CO2 reduction at their global headquarters in Vermont, for example, which is currently sitting at -22% progress after two years with one more to go. Burton is one of the world's foremost outdoor brands and sets a great example by not only creating and striving towards ambitious sustainability and social goals, but also being open about their progress: both positive and negative, creating accountability beyond closed doors.

Read more on Mountain Life's website:

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